Tax Strategies For Business

June 12th, 2015 — 9:49am

tsfbPaying taxes is an inevitable part of everyone’s lives, but what really matters is how people can take advantage of this situation. When it comes to businesses, the point is increasing profits besides all the taxes, and even reducing the tax amounts. Prevention is always a better solution, so staying away from IRS tax relief as long as possible is what every business owner must achieve.

When thinking about starting a business, it is important to know that tax amounts also depend on the business type, and it will be also clear if there would be income taxes, employment taxes or other types. Tracking every business move can be more than …

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Why Recovering A Perc Controller On A Poweredge RAID Can Be Easy

May 29th, 2015 — 4:48am

driThere are actually three ways to get Perc controller recovery in Irvine, CA. First, you can do the process all by yourself. This means that with your basic knowledge of computers, you may be able to have your lost files recovered. Simply read a lot of guides online in order for you to understand what to do first and go for it. Once you have the right source of information, follow the instructions carefully and do not perform tasks you are not sure about.

Remember, most data recovery software products are expensive. Some may be affordable but it has fewer features than the others. If you want to download the best …

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Feraud Slicked Up The Runways For A Time

May 13th, 2015 — 4:54pm

The new owners of Louis Feraud dangled just the right carrots and recently landed a sought-after design assistant and an experienced managing director to relaunch the 49-year-old house.

lfdYvan Mispelaere, who was Miuccia Prada’s assistant for the past two years and assisted Valentino with couture for five years before that, started last month. He will show his debut collection for the house during the July haute couture here.

“The opportunity to do couture was very persuasive,” Mispelaere said, explaining his decision to join Feraud.

The move to continue the money-losing couture is an obvious recruitment sweetener, but a surprising business decision for Secon, the Dutch apparel group that completed its acquisition

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Choosing A “Clean” Nursing Home

May 7th, 2015 — 4:38pm

Keeping a nursing home clean is a tough business. And although hiring a cleaning service is a great way to save money and lessen overhead, it can also create issues you may not want. Here are some things to watch for when you’re looking for a cleaning service for your nursing home:

No way would authentic cleaners be this happy. Not a chance!

No way would authentic cleaners be this happy. Not a chance!

1) Fines levied by government agencies: As a number of nursing homes have learned, noncompliance with regulations related to cleanliness, safety and infection control can cost dearly. OSHA fines, for example, can be particularly nasty. This is serious business, and your cleaning service should help you to develop

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Newton Defies The Gravity Of Age

April 27th, 2015 — 4:52pm

According to the Chinese calendar it’s the Year of the Snake, but in fashion photography circles it’s fast becoming the Year of the Newton.

The ongoing celebration of the legendary shock photographer Helmut Newton began last year, kicked off by Newton’s 80th birthday, with an exhibition of his work at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. Curated by Newton’s wife, June, the exhibition featured canonical Newton shots of bondage, sado-masochism, and aggressive sexuality and drew capacity crowds.

ndtgoaNow Newton is being regaled stateside, and on several fronts. For its September-October 2001 issue, avant-garde Index magazine bestowed Newton a rare honor: they not only placed him on the cover, but included a separate

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Italians Just Make Clothes Feel Right

April 20th, 2015 — 4:57pm

Instead of trying to ultimately influence American consumers by sending its message to the industry, the Italian Trade Commission is preparing to make a direct statement to U.S. shoppers, focusing on the inner workings of its own trade.

ijmcfThe Italian government, through its Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade and the ITC, announced last week the start of a $15 million, three-year marketing and advertising campaign that will encompass a broader spectrum of products identified with traditional Italian quality and design than had been emphasized in its Moda Made in Italy campaign launched in 1995.

While its previous efforts had concentrated on in-store events, point-of-sale promotions with independent retailers and co-op

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Qiora Beautifies

April 15th, 2015 — 4:50pm

Qiora will open its second U.S. door today in this seaside community, and for the Shiseido-owned skin care line it may as well be a homecoming. The Japanese beauty giant introduced the three-year-old brand in this country last December with a showcase spa called the Qiora Center for Total Beautification on Madison Avenue in New York.

qbBut it’s in California, ground zero for New Ageisms and the concept of lifestyle, and a place that long ago embraced meditation and aromatherapy (integral parts of the “Qiora beauty method”) that it will likely find its biggest fans.

At least, that’s what’s on the mind of Robin Coe-Hutshing, owner of Fred Segal Essentials, the

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Return Of The MAC

April 14th, 2015 — 4:47pm

For many beauty companies, involvement in Fashion Week is becoming increasingly more important. But for MAC, one of the first to recognize the tie-in between the two worlds, the partnership often goes an extra step.

rotmNot only has the brand been working with fashion designers for the past eight years to formulate makeup colors for use at their runway shows, MAC has created one of the most formidable forces backstage at the shows: the MAC Pro Team. And with 70 shows in four cities planned this season, a new makeup artist exchange program and two new lip colors designed especially for this season’s fashion runways, MAC is ready to kick off

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Killer Cardinals Get The Job Done

April 12th, 2015 — 11:03pm

In two sweeps of St. Louis, the Mets had held the Cardinals to a .214 batting average and knocked St. Louis pitchers around for a 5.29 ERA.

“We’ve got to try to prove we can play with these guys,” outfielder Jim Edmonds said.

So the Cardinals swept the Mets, winning each game with dugout-clearing, fist-pumping, mob-inducing hits. They won Friday, 6-5, on a ninth-inning home run by Edmonds, who had tied the game with a seventh-inning RBI single.

They won Saturday, 2-1, on a ninth-inning screwball hit around the third-base bag by Fernando Vina off Mets closer Armando Benitez.

And they won the series finale Sunday, 4-3, on an 11th-inning home

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Cleaning Quilts Takes Effort

April 2nd, 2015 — 4:38pm

Whether a quilt dates from 1850, 1950, or today, proper care can help extend its life span. “The more careful you are from the beginning, the longer the quilts in your collection will last,” confirms Cathy Coho, textile conservator at the Shelburne Museum, in Shelburne, Vt., an institution entrusted with more than 500 antique quilts. We’ve asked Cathy and fellow quilt authority Patsy Orlofsky, director of the Textile Conservation Workshop, in South Salem, N.Y., and co-author of Quilts in America, to address two of the most common concerns that collectors face: how to clean and how to store their prize possessions.

Filth vs. Fragility

Collectors are often warned: “Never clean

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